Entrepreneurial Work Tyler Tysdal

Entrepreneurial Work Tyler Tysdal

Tyler Tysdal

Tyler Tysdal is currently the Managing Partner of Freedom Factory International. Tyler Tysdal has several years of experience within investor relations and private equity groups. At Freedom Factory, Tyler Tysdal has s years of working experience as a venture capitalist, investment banking analyst, SEC specialist, and private equity group investor to utilize on behalf of fellow investors following his own same. He has also worked at hedge funds and venture capital firms. At Freedom Factory International, he is responsible for finding the most promising investments for his fund and he has successfully managed multiple funds.

In the past decade, Tyler Tysdal has been a sought after investment banker and entrepreneur due to the large amount of capital he raised during the dot com boom and he has been successful at several of his ventures. In 1999 he founded Net Rivers, one of the first internet businesses in the world, which was sold to Microsoft for six million dollars. Shortly after this, Tysdale went to work with AIG and they helped create Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. These companies are now well known for being some of the largest investment banks in the world. At the time of his retirement, he decided to start Freedom Factory International, an international distributor of nutritional and health related products. Freedom Factory International is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Freedom Factory International distributed nutritional food products such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, weight loss beverages, baby foods, snack foods, juices, teas, and health drinks. To date, Freedom Factory International is still distributed throughout the United States and Canada. This company was founded by Tyler tidal with assistance from others including Ann Sieg, Johnniellular and Brian Shilhavy. Together they have been able to significantly grow Freedom Factory International into a multi-million dollar company.

Now Tyler Tysdal attends seminars internationally on how to be an entrepreneur. He also continues to make major speeches that have helped him inspire other entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their own dreams and goals. In one of these seminars, he relates stories of going to the post office one day and finding a $500 dollar check in the mail. He then asks the mailman to hand it to him since he mistakenly thought it was a bill. After discovering that it was actually a cash advance, Tyler Tysdal goes on to share what he did with the money and what he learned from this experience.

As an entrepreneur, Tyler Tysdal believes that having a supportive network is key to growing and managing a business successfully. He recommends aspiring entrepreneurs first getting in contact with local Colorado business brokers to learn about the business opportunities available in Denver and the networking opportunities that can be found by working with a broker. Then after gaining enough experience through networking, he recommends that they try to get themselves hired as an intern at an internship center. He further advises them to consider pursuing other networking opportunities such as speaking engagements and community events.

Private equity and investing banker are fields in which Tyler Tysdal holds a lot of credentials. In fact, he was named one of the “Publishers Selections” for Investors in 2007. So basically he has already earned a lot of credibility and this list of prestigious awards should give anyone some insight into what kind of person Tyler Tysdal really is. As an entrepreneur, managing director, investor, speaker and consultant, Tyler Tysdal will most certainly be on everyone’s “to do” list next time they need an entrepreneur to advise.