Chicago Interior Designers

Chicago interior designers

Whether you’re remodeling your home or looking to add some extra charm, there are a few names to remember when choosing a Chicago interior designer. Tom Walsh has been working in the industry long enough to have developed a reputation for himself. Known for his impeccable style and eye for detail, he enjoys the classics and gives nods to traditionalism in his work. He also loves to travel and incorporates that into his designs.

Susan Fredman

An interior designer in Chicago with 20 years of experience, Susan Fredman has always taken an approach centered on people and their environment. As a result, she founded Designs for Dignity, a nonprofit organization that provides pro bono interior design services and in-kind donations to communities in need. Through her work, Fredman hopes to empower every human being. This dedication to human-centered design has garnered her many awards and recognition.

Caroline Brandeis

Interior designers in Chicago specialize in the marriage of traditional and contemporary design. Caroline Brandeis has 8 years of experience in the field. She credits her background in architecture in Chicago with developing an aesthetic eye. Her work is renowned for balancing harmony with functionality. Michael Abrams is another Chicago interior designer with a distinguished resume. Abrams’s designs center on the people occupying the room. In this way, he creates a comfortable space for both clients and family members.

Amy Kartheiser

As the co-owner of Amy Kartheiser Design in Chicago, Amy is considered one of the best interior designers in the city. She specializes in transitional, contemporary, and traditional interior design, and caters to high-end clients. Amy is the recipient of numerous awards, including being named the 2019 Luxe RED Award for Best Contemporary Designer in Chicago and being named to the Luxe 2021 Gold List. Her passion for interior design has led her to work with many well-known clients, including celebrities and Hollywood movie stars.

Carly Moeller

Carly Moeller has extensive experience in architecture and construction. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Apartment Therapy, Dwell, and HGTV Magazine. As a registered interior designer in Chicago, she offers a unique perspective on the design process. Carly’s clients value style and comfort, as well as the ability to shop local. She believes that everyone deserves great design, and is committed to creating a space for every client that reflects their unique personality.

David and Tom

David and Tom are Chicago interior designers with impressive credentials and impressive portfolios. Both have experience in both residential and commercial design. In addition to their impressive portfolios, David and Tom devote considerable time to volunteering for Chicago charities. Their work is featured in various magazines and publications, including House Beautiful, Domino, and Vogue. Here is a quick look at their design styles. Their interiors lean toward modern style, but they’re equally comfortable with classic styles.

Donna Mondi

While the recent pandemic has prevented her from traveling to France, Donna Mondi is spending her free time taking French lessons. Her future travel plans will likely include this beautiful country. Meanwhile, she’s seen an increase in her clients seeking getaway properties in the great state of Michigan. Likewise, she’s seen a spike in clients looking to move to Colorado or Michigan’s Harbor Country.