What is the Best Chicken Feeder?

There are several factors to consider before buying a Critter Ridge chicken feeder. You should avoid cheap and poorly constructed feeders, as they will not last for many years. Look for metal or plastic feeders that will last a few years, or at least a few seasons. Also consider how many chickens you’ll have, since a large capacity feeder won’t be much use for a small flock. Moldy feed is toxic to chickens, so you want to make sure you’re buying a feeder that won’t get moldy and corroded.

Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder

If you’re looking for a chicken feeder, you may want to consider the Kaytee Gravity Bin. These hoppers hold up to two pounds of feed, and you can easily provide your flock with a five-day supply of food. The Gravity Bin’s sifter floor prevents pellet dust from accumulating, which can lead to respiratory problems in small animals. This product is designed to withstand the summer heat and freezing winters.

Grandpa’s Feeder

The Grandpa’s Chicken Feeder is a galvanized steel feeder designed to be strong enough to withstand rain and snow. Its latch mechanism allows you to open it only when the chickens are ready to eat. This feeder is large enough to feed up to 12 chickens for up to 10 days, or up to six for up to thirteen days. The Grandpa’s Feeder is available online from retailers such as Amazon.

Royal Rooster

The Royal Rooster chicken feeder is a popular choice among Australian flocks. It is designed to hang from the chicken coop and holds ample feed. Some models also accommodate oyster shell and grit. Although not chew proof, it has a plastic cover guard that keeps the food from spilling out. You can easily fill the feeder again by lifting the cover on the end of the feeder. You can use most feeds with the Royal Rooster.

RentACoop Treadle Chicken Feeder

The RentACoop Treadle Chicken Feeder is a sturdy and inexpensive way to feed your flock. It has a 40-pound capacity and is adjustable to accommodate both bantam and regular-sized chickens. Moreover, it has a lock on the hopper to prevent larger pests from accessing the feed. However, the price of this feeder may be too high for many people. The price is worth considering if you want to feed your chickens without having to worry about it breaking.

OverEZ Automatic Chicken Feeder

If you’re looking for an automatic chicken feeder that can be moved from place to place, the OverEZ is a great choice. Unlike other feeders, the OverEZ does not require you to clean it every day. Its recessed feed port allows food to flow to the feeding ports instead of spilling it all over. It can also be elevated off the ground, which is a great feature for backyard chicken owners. The OverEZ is designed to accommodate up to fifty pounds of feed, making it an excellent fit for any chicken coop.

Kaytee Flip-Top Trough Feeder

If you’re on a budget and don’t need a lot of space, the Kaytee Flip-Top Trough is one of the best chicken feeders available. It is easy to use and saves on feed. Despite the lower price, this feeder isn’t waterproof and isn’t the best choice for large flocks of chickens.