Three Questions You Need to Ask Tree Service of Prosper

If you want your home, business or even next arborist tree job taken care of, calls Tree Service of Prosper – no waiting around! They will come by appointment or an on-call service. We are located in Seminole, FL and are a Full Service Landscape and Arborist Company. We specialize in Commercial and Residential landscape design. We will work with our clients to design the arborist plan to meet their needs and budget. We also offer emergency services, which is our specialty!

For special or arborist projects please contact us first for an estimate. For routine maintenance of your landscape design, we suggest you call us every 3 months or sooner. The arborist should check out the property twice a year with a checkup at the beginning of May and the end of May. If you notice anything unusual, call us right away!

Do you have a tree that is dead or dying? Do you have a tree that is broken or fallen? Do you have limbs that are bent? You should know the answers to these questions before hiring a tree removal company. When trees fall, they usually break and fall in certain places. It may not be safe for someone walking behind or around the fallen tree.

Why do we say that it is unsafe? Trees can topple if someone steps on them or tries to move them. A tree can crash into a house or a building and that could mean injury to everyone inside! Not only is it dangerous but it can be expensive. A tree arborist should not be hired unless the owner agrees.

How do we know that we can trust this person? A tree service will undergo a background check. Their business license should be renewed yearly and a certification should be displayed. Any professional arborist should have a license. Their insurance should be up to date. No business should hire anyone who does not have insurance.

Do you have any questions? There is no need to feel intimidated about hiring a professional arborist. We will walk you through everything that you need to know. Remember, the most important part of getting rid of a tree is the process. You need to make sure that you do everything possible to prevent a problem from occurring again. Hiring a professional arborist is your best option.